• How to overcome adrenaline dependence

    You live at the limit of your capabilities? Excitement and bright experiences are replaced by a sense of emptiness and extreme fatigue? These are signs of adrenaline dependence. How it arises and how to get rid of it, the psychologist Tatyana Zhadan explains it. Bustle, haste, running with rare breaks to a short rest – […]

    Đã đăng: 2023/05/05

  • “Do you know what I want? Exercise news “: Irina Slavina’s memory

    Today in Nizhny Novgorod they say goodbye to the journalist, editor -in -chief of Kozapress Irina Slavina. She committed suicide on October 2 at the age of 47. Irina’s colleague shares his memories of her. As a psychologist, I come across suicide topics. I work with loved ones those who made such attempts or were […]

    Đã đăng: 2023/03/20

  • “How to make a neighbor follow the rules”

    We live in Khrushchev. The entrance and the yard have not been cleaning for a long time. Starozhil residents took over the work on cleaning and ennoble the territory. A neighbor from the 1st floor positions herself as an intellectual and despises our labors. He does not example talk to us – we are plebeians, […]

    Đã đăng: 2022/05/27

  • The Iron Lady

    Still, sometimes our actions are difficult to explain. A good example. There are such psychological puzzles that, a writer, is at a dead end .. Here is one of these sharades. In the new house, our entrance decided to put at the entrance a steel door and an intercom instead of an ordinary wooden door. […]

    Đã đăng: 2022/04/07