• Green Light 24h

    Helps plants to be healthy, green, budding, big buds, providing fast medium for fruit.

    Đã đăng: 2022/11/27


    The drug has a quick drying effect, a long-lasting effect, and helps the tree recover quickly.

    Đã đăng: 2022/11/27


    Effective prevention and treatment of leaf blight (burnt leaf cover).

    Đã đăng: 2022/11/27

  • Abagent 500WP

    Powerful drainage, quick death, used in the prevention and treatment of stem borers

    Đã đăng: 2022/11/27

  • Organic fertilizer ROOTS & REGENERATION

    Increase the speed of root development, increase the plant's tolerance in dry season

    Đã đăng: 2022/07/04

  • Organic fertilizer TRUMP SUMO

    lengthen cotton, increase fruit set, thicken roll to limit the loss of young fruit. large fruit

    Đã đăng: 2022/07/04

  • Organic fertilizer SEAWEED & ORGANIC

    Stimulates the growth of roots for healthy, sturdy plants after only a short time of sowing

    Đã đăng: 2022/07/04

  • Organic fertilizer AMINO – 10

    Amino acids reduce the ability of pests to damage plants

    Đã đăng: 2022/07/04

  • Organic fertilizer HUMATE & MICRO

    Increases nutrient retention and soil moisture retention.

    Đã đăng: 2022/07/04

  • Saula 155SC

    It kills resistant pests such as leafworms, spider mites, thrips, silkworms, hairworms, onion worms and many other pests. The drug can be combined with many drugs to increase the maximum control effect.

    Đã đăng: 2022/04/28