How to overcome adrenaline dependence

You live at the limit of your capabilities? Excitement and bright experiences are replaced by a sense of emptiness and extreme fatigue? These are signs of adrenaline dependence. How it arises and how to get rid of it, the psychologist Tatyana Zhadan explains it.

Bustle, haste, running with rare breaks to a short rest - this is what the life of most active residents of modern megalopolises looks like. The daily solution of the chain of problems, the adoption of important decisions, on which not only ourselves, but also other people, the search for exits from newly emerging problem situations are often dependent - all these are

the realities of our life. Life with a sense of stress, with an increased level of adrenaline, has become practically the norm. We have developed a habit of overstrain. And when it comes, suddenly! - Break, silence, pause, we are lost ... We begin to hear ourselves, feel, and find ourselves facing all internal contradictions, with all our conflicts, from which we were successfully closed with vanity and increased activity.

When our real life is full and saturated, it has a lot of bright colors and experiences that make us “alive”. But if we ourselves did not answer the question “What is the meaning of life?", If family life for us is boring, monotonous everyday life, if work is routine functionality, then our" poet’s soul "still wishes something, even looking for something in this gray tin. Then we rush to strong experiences that we bring on the brink on the brink, balancing between “it will turn out” and “will not work”, between success and losing - and the habit of the severity of adrenaline life quickly becomes our second nature.

But maybe it’s not bad at all - to live at the peak of worries, move at frantic speeds, promote the project after the project, not even having time to add success from the previous achievement? Why stop, because it’s interesting to live like that? Probably everything would be fine if we did not have to pay for such a crazy rhythm of life.