“How to make a neighbor follow the rules”

We live in Khrushchev. The entrance and the yard have not been cleaning for a long time. Starozhil residents took over the work on cleaning and ennoble the territory. A neighbor from the 1st floor positions herself as an intellectual and despises our labors. He does not

talk to us - we are plebeians, we supposedly envy her. In the entrance - an unpleasant smell from sewage. We open the window - it closes! I wrote her a note, explained that it was necessary to ventilate and dry the entrance, but without a result. He puts the car in front of the windows on the sidewalk, strives to drive along the ground, spreads dirt along the road near the house. Water flower beds with something-plants die from burns. How to reach a person? After all, we do not do anything bad: we keep clean the entrance, the territory at the entrance, do not ask anything, only comply with the rules of the hostel.

Tatyana, I share your bewilderment: the initiative residents of the house decided voluntarily, on a voluntary basis to do a good deed to ennoble their territory. And it seemed that all other residents would be at least happy and grateful, at the maximum - they themselves will get into the process of landscaping. And here, instead of both - a fierce protest of a neighbor, positioning herself an intellectual, and even with opposition.

I want to clarify the meaning of the word "intelligent". Dictionaries determine this concept with a positive shade: "educated, cultural". “Cultural”, in turn, here clearly means not only the bearer of enlightenment, education, wellness, but also “possessing certain behaviors in a society brought up”. So this lady can hardly be called intelligent.

“Do she really not want to enter the clean ventilated entrance, see flowers on flower beds and well -groomed territory around the house?" - you ask. I will answer this: somewhere deep down, of course, she wants. But on the surface it is against. There are people who get stuck at the level of a teenager in a state of rebellion, based on the principle: "I will spite my ears to my ears". Their main task is to defeat the majority through the protest: they do spite, go against the system, the rules that they are trying to impose, even good. This is their logic.

I have to upset you: to persuade it, to agree, and even more so, make you from the standpoint of reasonable expediency and common sense, most likely it will not work. There is the only possible, in my opinion, option - try to make friends with it. Bake pies and go to her with a friendly visit to tea. After all, as she is, offended people who are stuck in puberty protests behave. Maybe someone of you will be able to reach her wounded soul, sympathize with her, and she will replace anger to mercy.