The Iron Lady

Still, sometimes our actions are difficult to explain. A good example.

There are such psychological puzzles that, a writer, is at a dead end ..

Here is one of these sharades.

In the new house, our entrance decided to put at the entrance a steel door and an intercom instead of an ordinary wooden door. They began to collect money, 500 rubles per apartment, plus 25 rubles per electronic key to the castle. In two weeks, almost the entire required amount was collected, with the exception of two apartments. In the first one, a man always opened on the call and said that tomorrow he would pay the right amount for installation (and so again and again), and the second apartment opened with a width only to the steel chain, after which the young woman answered the collector that she was a single mother and she hadno money.

I was the only tenant who had a laser printer, and therefore, printing ads for the entrance, was aware of all events.

So, the elderly pensioner, who initiated the installation of the intercom, decided to act with cunning and once, having touched the girl on the street from the very apartment where he went out, sorry, a talkative jug, asked the girl to talk with her mother and the very next day she received the right amount. Hooray! There was only an apartment where the single mother lived ... After conferring, we decided to collect the missing money for her. And suddenly a call, an indignant initiative pensioner flies to me and tells ..

I set it out in my own words.

In the evening, she climbed onto the elevator to the apartment of a single mother to report on the decision of the entrance, they say, as an exception, taking into account her difficult financial situation, we decided to raise money to a tack. Usually the door opened like a click, and then suddenly swung open, on the threshold a blurred girl of twelve shouted “Mom badly!", After which the frightened social activist ran into the apartment, where she saw on the floor of the living room a mother, who lost consciousness. Calling an ambulance on the phone, she looked around in bewilderment - this is the number! None of the apartments of our entrance was furnished with great chic and luxury than the apartment of a single mother. For some reason, the pensioner was most surprised by TVs in every room and in the kitchen. And also - hit a bunch of dollars with a careless mountain on the windowsill, which the pensioner, having heard the steps of the ambulance, began to hide with a fright in the package (God forbid will disappear!). When the doctors brought the hostess to her senses, the pensioner was indignantly left, although out of female curiosity she still asked the girl who her mother works? The girl replied that her mother is a manager in the Golden Palace VIP-hall (this story happened six months before the closing of Moscow rolls).

“Hide away,” said the social activist poisonously, transferring a bag with dollars to his daughter;There, according to her, there were at least five thousand green.

So, the next day, she called the sworn door with pressure - this time she was opened without the same chain. The young lady thanked for the help provided yesterday, and when our pensioner said that it was time to finally introduce a ridiculous amount here to the total piggy bank to install the intercom, she answered ..