Organic fertilizer SEAWEED & ORGANIC

Stimulates the growth of roots for healthy, sturdy plants after only a short time of sowing. The main task of the roots is to absorb nutrients to help the plant grow, so seaweed fertilizer is a stepping stone to help plants increase yield and quality.
Seaweed foliar fertilizer has the ability to provide many beneficial minerals to help plants stay healthy and resistant to diseases.
Seaweed foliar fertilizer contains a large amount of a compound called Chelate which is essential for plants. Specifically, Chelate increases the amount of easily absorbed substances for plants, especially trace elements.
Alginic acid foliar fertilizer has the ability to combine with metals in the soil to form cross-linked polymers. Thereby increasing the ability to retain moisture and retain nutrients of the soil.
Giberelin active ingredient in seaweed foliar fertilizer increases the immunity of plants, helps plants fight against pathogens, insects, harmful microorganisms.
Seaweed contains many acids and polyamino compounds that protect plants from frost
Reduces root rot disease of crops after each harvest.
Promotes seed germination.