Trade Representative (B2B)

Job description

  • Acting as a commercial bridge between Raw Material Suppliers (China, Turkey, Spain, Netherlands ….) with Pesticide and Fertilizer Business Enterprises in Vietnam.
  • Directly take care of and support customers with the company's strategic support and sales assistants.
  • Implement business plans according to the Company's strategy to achieve the goals of sales, profits, debt collection and development of new customers, markets, and market shares.
  • Attend the company's annual international trade shows in China, India, and Thailand…
  • Going on business trips, meeting trade partners all over the provinces of Vietnam.
  • Planning and organizing the implementation of the company's business plan, making annual/quarterly/monthly sales plans.
  • Report weekly work results to the Sales Manager.
  • *Candidate requirements
  • Age: from 22 to 37.
  • Have good health
  • Qualification: Graduated from College or University in agronomy, plant protection, biotechnology, chemical technology… or economics.
  • Have at least 1 year of sales experience or have worked in any part-time job while studying at university.
  • Decisive, well-adjusted, well-adapted, good communicator, vivacious, honest, working with a plan, with a sense of responsibility, discipline, endurance and high resilience.
  • Good office computer skills, good English (listening, speaking, reading, writing) (if you feel that you are not good but you have the desire to study, the company is ready to support you while working and studying to learn more. Complete myseft).

Benefits enjoy

  • Salary based on capacity and performance of assigned work.
  • Consider salary increase according to the actual capacity of the employee twice a year.
  • Participating in training and coaching by leading sales experts and honing sales skills as well as developing management qualities in a dynamic, professional, progressive and respectful working environment. force.
  • To strictly comply with the social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance regimes according to the regulations of the State of Vietnam and other welfare regimes.
  • Be considered for domestic and foreign travel
  • Lunch allowance: 1,000,000 VND/month.
  • The company pays for phone charges and monthly parking fees
  • All expenses for domestic and international business trips are 100% sponsored by the company.
  • Each month will be considered to participate in the award "The best employee of the month" with a reward of 100 USD and extra-curricular activities of the company to encourage the striving spirit of each individual.